Thursday, May 5, 2011

Crafting and Catholicism

I'm a cradle Catholic who fell away in college and recently (Divine Mercy Sunday 2010) reverted to the Church. To say the least, it has been an interesting journey! Our daughter was baptized on August 1, 2010, and our marriage was convalidated on March 16, 2011. What a difference a year makes!

As a crafty person, it didn't take me long to incorporate my Catholicism into my crafts. I had been wanting to learn to make rosaries for a long time, probably ever since I learned to make wire-wrapped jewelry. Praying the rosary has been an important part of my journey back to the Church, and I suppose you can say I have a devotion to it. I decided to take the plunge (I am shy and have mild social anxiety) and go to a meeting of our parish's Rosary Guild. I am so glad that I took that chance.

I learned to make "mission" rosaries (plastic bead, crucifix and center, with knotted twine) from a little old man who has been making them for years. I mean "little old man" in the most respectful way. It just doesn't sound the same to say "respectable and congenial male senior"! He laughed at and with me as I made many beginner mistakes, and patiently taught me each technique. When I finally finished making my very first (ugly, but at least sturdy!) rosary, he pressed it into my hands and said, "Keep it. And don't forget to pray it."

Although I don't make every Rosary Guild meeting, I have continued to make rosaries for the Guild's mission work, and also for my family and friends. Here is a rosary I made for my male cousin W's recent Confirmation:

I love wooden rosaries for men...they are so sturdy and masculine looking. I made this rosary "mission-style" meaning that there are no knots of twine between the Ave beads, making it easier to pray.

Here is a preview of another rosary I am currently working on for someone very special:

I have several other rosaries in the works, both gifts and commissions. I briefly considered opening an etsy shop, but decided I do not have the temperament for it! I can't imagine mass-producing rosaries. I really just have to wait for inspiration to hit before I can begin to craft mine. I don't mean anything against those who do make rosaries for bulk sale---thank God for those people! It just isn't me.

I look forward to sharing more of my crafts on this blog, whether they be Catholic-inspired or not! See you again soon!

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